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Haiku covers a fairly large area on the north shore of Maui, from the ocean to a little higher up the mountain. Haiku tends to get more rain than most other parts of the island, so the views and landscape is stunning. The lushly vegetated and gentle sloping tropical terrain is filled with an abundance of ocean views and tropical fruit trees.
While the agricultural industry is of lesser importance than in the past, there are still a number of active fields around the community. The agricultural legacy is also evident in the old pineapple canneries, which have been converted to retail space housing everything from grocery stores to yoga studios to great restaurants.
Haiku has great beaches and is home to some of the most famous big wave surfing and windsurfing spots in the world, such as Hookipa, and Jaws; quite simply the most spectacular big wave spot in the world. A select few brave this wave when it breaks during the winter. The area swells each day with wind and wave surfers headed to some of the best and beautiful beaches on the island, tourists in rental cars passing through on day-trips to Hana and others who enjoy the funky beach atmosphere, restaurants and collection of shops that include unique boutiques, galleries and antiques.
Haiku is a more rural part of Maui, so most lots tend to be larger than 10,000 square feet and many times are several acres in size. Haiku is the perfect place for people who want to live with the warmth of sea level and the privacy of a rural community, but not too far from civilization.
Some residential communities in Haiku include: West Kuiaha Meadows, Peahi Farms, and Haiku Hill. For more information about Haiku real estate and the local community, please contact a North Shore Local Expert.

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