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Kula- Think million-dollar panoramic views. Think of world-famous sweet Kula onions, and fascinating, magical-looking protea flowers. Think of tree-lined roads wending their way over the mountain slopes -- the smell of eucalyptus as you drive along the upper highway, the beauty of the blooming jacarandas and silk oak trees along the lower one. Think wide expanses of pasture land dotted with stands of opuntia cacti. (This is dry country, after all, tucked away in the wind-shadow of Haleakala mountain, on the leeward side of the island.)
Think of small family farms and ranches with old wooden houses dating from great- grandpa's time. The diversity of crops harvested in this fertile place, trucked down the mountain to the Central Valley below, include a wide variety of flowers, cabbages, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, assorted fruits and even wine grapes.
The Kula area is divided into four communities: Omaopio, Pulehu, Waiakoa and Kula itself (which is sometimes further subdivided into upper and lower Kula). Currently, there are a few small stores in the area, but no real town center.
Kula offers country living at Maui's absolute finest country living with spectacular bi-coastal views, a cool temperature, and privacy galore. From quaint cottages to grand estates to sprawling ranch land, most homes are on spacious lots set a good distance from one another, offering gorgeous views of rolling pastures, the ocean, lush greenery, or Haleakala.


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