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Pukalani - means "heavenly gate" or "window to heaven" in Hawaiian. An alternative meaning might be "heavenly door or gate." If you drive with your windows rolled down, you'll notice that there is a certain place along the Haleakala Highway, just as you reach Pukalani, where the air changes. Residents swear they know they are almost home when they feel the cool of the mountain's breath coming down to meet them.
Pukalani is an unassuming place. The area grew as people living "down-country," in Kahului, Wailuku or Kihei, discovered the temperateness of Pukalani's climate and the more leisurely lifestyle. The half-hour commute to town seemed a small price to pay in exchange. Although the largest town in upcountry Maui, the place evokes a laid-back, country atmosphere. Reasonably priced properties combined with convenient location, private country living, a commercial plaza, a recreation center, an 18-hole golf-course, and breathtaking ocean views of North Shore Maui are the big draws of Pukalani.
The Pukalani Terrace Center, a strip mall that includes the upcountry branches of two banks, several local fast food places, a Laundromat and Foodland sits across the Pukalani Avenue from the Hannibal Tavares Memorial Center and the Upcountry Pool. At the end of Pukalani Avenue is the Pukalani Country Club and the Pukalani Golf Course.

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